[Iris-Club] std++ and Iris master on opam (and: opam.pins is dead)

Robbert Krebbers mail at robbertkrebbers.nl
Tue Sep 19 15:28:08 CEST 2017

Hi Ralf,

Thanks for implementing this!

On 09/19/2017 03:04 PM, Ralf Jung wrote:
> If you work on Iris, this means that in the future, if you want to
> update the build-dependency on std++, you do this by editing the opam
> file rather than opam.pins.   You do not have to care about updating the
> new opam repository; that will be done automagically by our CI.
So, If I understood correctly, the workflow will be as follows:

1. Commit & push to stdpp
2. Wait until the CI has finished, and the commit appears at 
3. Change the opam file to the version number at 
https://gitlab.mpi-sws.org/FP/opam-dev/ corresponding to the new commit
4. Commit & push to Iris

For dependencies of Iris, step (2) may take quite a while, I suppose? I 
guess it is a bad idea to take an educated guess of the version number 
and push to Iris or its dependencies before (2) has finished.


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