[Iris-Club] Breaking changes in Iris & deprecated symbols / notation

Jeehoon Kang jeehoon.kang at sf.snu.ac.kr
Wed Nov 23 14:44:11 CET 2016

Dear Ralf,

Could you please briefly explain the motivation behind the change,
especially the preference of OFE over COFE?

Also I would like to ask if you have a versioning scheme for the
development, e.g., breaking changes should increase the major version
number, etc.

Thank you,

2016-11-23 22:38 GMT+09:00 Ralf Jung <jung at mpi-sws.org>:

> Hi all,
> Over the course of this week, we pushed a couple of breaking changes to
> the master branch (with potentially more to come).  In particular, we
> changed the algebraic hierarchy to center around OFEs instead of COFEs;
> the proof of an OFE being closed is now carried as a separate typeclass.
>  CMRAs are just OFEs, they don't have to be proven complete.  If you
> defined your own COFEs or CMRAs, you will have to adapt your
> definitions.  If you are just using existing COFEs and CMRAs, things
> should keep working unchanged -- with one exception: cofeT is now called
> ofeT.
> To ease porting, we provide a module algebra.deprecated providing
> notations for backwards compatibility -- currently, it defines cofeT as
> an alias for ofeT, so if you "From iris.algebra Export deprecated"
> somewhere in a base file of your development, you can keep using cofeT.
> Furthermore, we deprecated the notation ■ for embedding Coq assertions
> into Iris.  This notation was both annoying to use (because you had to
> write parentheses) and didn't make too much sense (the similarity with □
> is asking for trouble).  So instead, we now use ⌜ ... ⌝, which doesn't
> need any additional parentheses.  We also got rid of = and ⊥ in the Iris
> scope; that was a rather arbitrary selection of Coq connectives to
> provide.  Use ⌜x = y⌝ and ⌜x ⊥ y⌝ instead.
> The old notations are provided by algebra.deprecated, so you can import
> that into your development to ease porting.
> The general plan is to provide such deprecated symbols whenever that is
> possible without affecting the "main" (non-deprecated) part of Iris.  If
> you find something that should be provided a as deprecated symbol,
> please let us know -- preferably via a merge request :)
> Happy hacking!
> ; Ralf
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