[Iris-Club] Coq: Iris 1.1 forked, master is now 2.0

Ralf Jung jung at mpi-sws.org
Thu Feb 4 10:54:19 CET 2016

Hi all,

This is for everybody working on the Iris Coq development[1] or
depending on it:

* The old "master" branch has been renamed to "iris-1.1".
  It will not be developed further.
* "master" now contains Iris 2.0, which is a from-scratch rewrite.
  Iris 2.0 depends on Coq 8.5, ssreflect 1.6 and Autosubst 1.4.
  This is still under heavy development, but it is not worth
  starting anything new based on iris-1.1 now.
  There also will be a LaTeX version of the definitions in this
  repository, in the form of "The Iris Documentation" in docs/iris.tex.
  However, right now, that document is neither complete nor up-to-date.

[1] <https://gitlab.mpi-sws.org/FP/iris-coq/>

Kind regards,

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